What kind of clothing should I bring along?

We speak in terms of barefoot luxury; relaxed and casual clothes are the order of the day. Dress is usually informal in Indonesia due to the warm, humid climate and lightweight fabrics are recommended. Light windbreakers, wraps, or sweatshirt should also be considered as it does cool down at night (or in case of the occasional rain storm). Some of our guests do enjoy to dress up a little for dinner.

Are drinks included in the price?

Water, tea, and coffee is available 24 hours and is included free of charge. Juices, Sodas, beer and wine as well as cocktails, mocktails and specialty coffees are available at an additional cost.

What kind of food can I expect to the served?

Our executive chef and his team serve up an excellent and delicious mix of international and local dishes. Just about any special dietary need can be met, but please let us know in advance what if have specific requests or dietary restrictions.

Is the food good at Wakatobi?

Put simply it's great! Our team of top-trained Indonesian chefs prepare delicious, ample and healthy meals using fresh produce that we fly in from Bali and overseas. Added to this, there are loads of day-fresh tuna sashimi, excellent soups, barbecued fish, fresh fruits, steaks and oriental specialties. Be sure to save room for one of the decadent desserts made fresh every day by our pastry chef. Meals are served in our restaurant or alfresco If you have special dietary needs, please let us know in advance. In the lounge, we supply complimentary coffee, tea and snacks around the clock.

Do all the bungalows have separate bathrooms?

Yes. All our bungalows have their own toilet and hot & cold fresh water showers. We supply towels and an exclusive range of Wakatobi aromatherapy toiletries.

Are the bungalows air conditioned?

Yes. However, air conditioning is generally not necessary as our resort is on an island far out from mainland which ensures there is always a gentle sea breeze to cool you down. All the rooms are cross ventilated and fitted with ceiling fans and mosquito nets (which are rarely, if ever, being used). During part of the season we even have to provide blankets!

I am coming as a single traveler. What are my accommodation options?

You can either purchase a single space on a trip and be prepared to share room with another guest (of the same gender), or upgrade to single occupancy with a small supplement.

Is the resort appropriate for families?

Absolutely. Children (and adults alike) can enjoy world-class snorkelling right off the beach in front of the resort. We also have babysitters available, and also offer a structured and educational Kids Club. Please ask one of our guest relationship associate for more details.

What currency will I need while I'm at Wakatobi?

On the resort, we accept US Dollars, Visa or MasterCard, Rupiah (local currency) and Euro, as well as other major currencies. However, you can pay everything on credit card – even the staff tips. We do suggest you change a little money while in Bali to cover incidentals along the way. Please note that we do not accept travelers cheques. Also note that throughout Indonesia, the best exchange rates for US currency will be for $100 dollar bills printed within the last couple of years.

Can my family reach me while I'm at Wakatobi?

Yes. We offer wifi internet throughout the resort, with back-up LAN cables in all rooms, so checking your own email will be possible. If your cell phone service provider has a reciprocal agreement with the local Indonesian cell phone service providers, there is a good chance your own cell phone will be able to get a signal too. In addition, we have several satellite phones for use in an emergency. If you do not wish to commit to checking your email on a daily basis, you can also have friends/family email our resort at resort@wakatobi.com and our staff will forward any messages along. Please refer to the resort's contact page for more information.Please be advised, while our internet is adequate, it doesn’t deliver the bandwidth you are most probably accustomed to. However, accepting we are in a remote location, it works admirably

Is the water safe to drink at Wakatobi?

Yes. Since 2003, when we added a large capacity reverse osmosis water purification system we have offered an ample supply of fresh, potable water at all hours of the day. Our water supply is routinely tested by a laboratory to ensure it is clean and free of any contaminants. To view a lab report click here.

What entertainment is available?

Our resort offers a welcome respite from television. While our rooms are not equipped with in-room entertainment systems, we do have a TV / DVD player that can be moved to your room on request, or used in the comfortable lounge. Each evening there will be informative presentations delivered by our knowledgeable team of dive guides.

Are laundry facilities available while I'm at the resort?

Yes. We have two services available. One takes three days and is hand washed by our local staff. If you need your items back urgently we have a one-day quick turnaround service as well.

What is the air / water temperature?

Air temperature is in general around 30 °C (86 F) during the day and nicely cooler in the evening. Water temperature is a fairly cool 26-28 °C (79-82°F). We recommend a full body 5 mm dive suit, especially for divers making several dives in a day.

Do you have any facilities for photographers?

Yes. We have a large three-sectioned air-conditioned camera room with wall-length, padded work benches offering plenty of charging stations, with both 220v and 110v power strips set up and ready. We also have various basic tools for adjustments of cameras, lights and housings.

Does the resort provide any toiletries?

We have hair dryers in all rooms and there are high-quality Wakatobi-branded shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and towels for indoor as well as beach-side use. We also have electrical converters if want to bring your own electric razor or hair dryer.

I'm not a diver. Is there anything for me to do at Wakatobi?

Tolandono Island, which Wakatobi Dive Resort is located, is roughly 8 square kilometers (3 square miles), which allows for nice walks (or jogs / runs) across the island on the various foot paths that over the years have developed between the resort and the village that lies on the opposite end of the island. Behind the resort, one can find shallow sink holes that can be explored with snorkelling equipment and a dive light. For those who do not dive or snorkel, but are interested in some physical activities we offer kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, We can arrange volleyball, badminton or table tennis equipment, as well as more leisurely pursuits such as board games, and a fairly extensive library. A television set with DVD player is located in the Longhouse lounge area, and a TV / DVD player is also available on request to be taken to your room. We also offer a range of interesting day tours to neighboring villages, as well as classes in Indonesian language, cookery demonstrations, towel folding classes and more....

Do you offer massages?

Yes! Our spa offers a range of treatments and our experienced team of female therapists are skilled in providing relief to sore muscles or simply relieving tension. Popular with many of our guests, a massage after a great day of diving can be a real blessing, and is priced affordably.

Your conservation programs interest me. Will I contribute by going coming to Wakatobi?

Yes, you will. We set aside a portion of the funds you pay for your trip for conservation programs and community development, and since our resort was founded in 1995, through these funds, our guests have made a significant impact on preserving this fantastic area.

What can I bring to help the local village and children?

For the local children, we recommend anything educational or healthy. Note pads, pencils, erasers, maps, rulers, craft supplies, crayons or basic school or coloring books would be greatly appreciated.

What type of electrical outlets and voltage do you have in the rooms?

All rooms are fitted with two round pin sockets (Indonesian / European standard) and the electricity is 220v 50 cycles. Each room has a power-bar with four universal sockets, allowing any electrical appliance to be plugged in. We do have additional plug socket adapters as well as voltage converters (for 110v supplies) to lend to all guests. You needn’t bring your own. The 24 hour power generated at the resort is generated by us at our in-house power-plant (comprising a number of generators).

Each day, twice a day, we have to manually switch from one generator to another. This will cause a little blip in the power supply at the change-over times. We normally try to change the generators over at 6 AM and 6 PM every day. These are times that we believe will cause the least disturbance to our guests. Sometimes, this can inadvertently switch off battery charges that have been left running overnight.

110v outlets are available in the camera room.